Question PC who restart itself.

Sep 7, 2021
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Hello everyone, here I come here as a last resort because I am at the end of a solution:
For a few months now my PC will restart itself while I play.
At first I thought it was overheating, so I installed HW Monitor and indeed the processor was going up to 90°. So I changed ventirad (and thermal paste) and it no longer exceeds 65° (Rare case at 70°). Thinking myself out of the woods I relaunch Battlefield V in story mode and even things the pc that restarts alone without warning, without blue screen, a simple reboot as if I had protected on the button.
Small precision: I re-test Battlefield by putting everything in concern in LOW and none. On games like Rocket League no reboot but bcp of FPS losses like small freezes.
Last little detail: in the task manager the game like Battlefield or GTA V appear in the energy consumption column as "Very high"

Thank you in advance for your answers:).

-MSI Z77A-G41
-Intel i7 3770K
- AMD Radeon R9 series 200
- DDR3 2x 8GB
- akasa power supply ak-p550AG01 500W
Sep 7, 2021
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My immediate gut instinct is to go to PSU failure when it comes to random shutdowns - but more info could help nail it down.

Editing quick to say: is anything overclocked?
No, nothing overclocked :/ The shutdown are not random, this is when the game requires a lot of resources. When I lower the graphic parameters there is no more stop but always decreases fps
Sep 25, 2021
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Looking at your PC config it looks like your GPU might be the culprit. You mentioned that when you play games like rocket league your pc does not restart but when you play games like Battlefield V and GTA V your pc does restart. A game like rocket league has lower system requirements than a game like Battlefield V. I believe that your GPU can't handle the workload that Battlefield V is throwing at it.

Also, what is the exact GPU you are using? I know you stated in your PC config an AMD R9 200 series but the R9 200 series includes GPU with 2GB of VRAM to 8GB of VRAM. If your GPU only has 2GB of VRAM then it will struggle with games like Battlefield V and GTA V.

I hope this helps.
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