Question Pc not starting up

Jan 23, 2022
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OK so my pc randomly shut down while i was at work. I tried to turn it back on. No fan no light no nothing. I then thought it was the power supply. I replace it with a brand new corsair rm850x. Still nothing would happen.
I then took it to best buy they said it was my motherboard. I bought a msi 490 a Pro., and 11600K processor to have it replaced.
Took it to a repair shop. Had them replace the motherboard and cpu.
Now the fans will attempt to work for a split second. I got to playing with it. I puled the CPU power cable from the PSU and the fans will come on the rgb all works.
Could i have got a bad CPU.

my system is
Intel 11600Kcpu
MSI z490 A Pro board
32GB ddr4 ram
Nvidia 2080 gpu
corsair rm850X