PC not responding... update or clean (both physical and software)


So, I have my PC build in my signature.

When viewing websites on my PC using Chrome (all I use on windows) the window does not respond... it takes a few minutes before it allows me to continue scrolling.

I don't think its an issue with any hardware I have, but my SSD is practically full and not got any money to go and get a big SSD just yet. I am unsure what I need to do.

On my SSD its partitioned into 2, one has linux (40GB), the other has windows (80GB) 4GB free.

Is it the fact that I need more hardware (which I think is the case) or do I need to close my many open tabs on chrome (I have 2 pages and about 14 tabs open on each. as nothing else becomes unresponsive.

I have not cleaned my PC since building it over a year ago. Think I need to clean it? clean my C drive? or get new RAM, a new SSD?
how full is the linux Partition?

ssd when they get full are almost as slow as hdd. They also have less free space for error correction or shuffling data around, so it helps to keep at least 10% free on them. Samsung magician lets you over provision space, so on my nvme I gave it 10% of the drive that windows cannot access just for shuffling data and error correction.

Means they last longer too.

120gb getting a little small these days, we normally suggest 240gb ssd for win 10 boot but if all you put on it is windows you can get away with about 40, though then (if its win 10) you can have problems with updating windows as it won't have enough space to expand the iso to install patch.
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So far the PC is running brilliantly again
Great :)

I should still get a 250ish GB SSD right?
Your 120 is fine for Windows and normal programs like browsers, email clients, image apps etc. Only if you load up with larger programs would you need more than 120.

Gaming changes the game—ha-ha. There are some modern games which wouldn't even fit on the 120, if they had it all to themselves!

I have a separate 1TB SSD for games, and had to uninstall a bunch of games when my latest refused to install. So for your game drive, look at 500GB as minimum so you won't be uninstalling each time you want to play a new game.
I have a 1TB hhd where I have halo and battlefield games installe. I also have 500gb hhd free with planned far cry installed.

If windows is happy on the 120ssd, I will get another 1tb for other games?
my pictures are all on the iCloud.
I was originally getting a 500gb nvme so I also got a 3tb hdd in this PC.
But then I got a 1tb nvme instead of the 500gb one, and have more space than I need.
Only used 200gb of space so far. have almost 3.5tb free

games are getting too big, but I don't play the ones that are getting too big so i have to think of a use for my space :)
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