Question Pc goes off

Sep 19, 2020
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Hi my pc:
10850K stock 4800mhz stock Kraken X73 good temps
2x16 GB DDR4 GSKILL 3000mhz XMP
Seasonic Tx-850 Ultra Titanium
Gigabyte Rtx 3090 Gaming OC
Aorus Z490 Pro Gaming

I bought machine and plugged in march 2021. No single issue,no reboots,no shutdowns. I played all games for many hours,no issues. Today...........i launched Metro Exodus and after cinematic part pc just shutdown<goes off>. I rebooted again and its fine again.Happened when gpu load change from 0% to 99%.

My question is. It was psu issue or maybe other hardware?

I go to neighbourhood and ask about power ,but they had power in this time. So propably not power outage for 1 sec?

I remember that when pc goes off ,case lights flickered once and monitor flickered. That not happens when i shutting down manually.

i am running now game and no shutdowns. Happened today once. Also i have pc until march 2021 and thats like today never happened.
propably not power outage for 1 sec
Ideally have your system on an UPS, but at least on a surge protector.

Don't worry about this shutdown, may be one of those mystery glitches every machine gets occasionally. It's a concern if it happens again soon.

First and easiest suspects to check in such a situation are dust/cooling, and cables. Clean vents and fans, ensure airflow is not blocked, unseat and reseat all cables—especially those from PSU to parts. Reseat RAM also.


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