PC Gamer's Game of the Year (the biggie)

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Dec 9, 2019
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It's common for sales on the day of a game's Early Access launch to exceed sales on the day of its 1.0 launch, as was the case with Darkest Dungeon for example. Though it's a bit dated, here's a piece by Sergey Galyonkin doing some numbercrunching and arguing that, in terms of sales, games do only get one launch—though he notes some games that sell poorly in Early Access are able to recover with a boost in the first month after leaving it, if they show enough improvement.

A lot depends on the kind of games you're talking about when you talk about Early Access, as this thread has shown. It's common for multiplayer and survival games to treat 1.0 as nothing special. Look at Rust, for example. Garry Newman described its exit from Early Access as "more like we're leaving Prototyping and entering Alpha." If you were playing something like Divinity: Original Sin 2 in Early Access, you'd obviously see a much bigger difference between the two versions.


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I’ve been playing Valheim and now understand why it’s the GOTY. It’s so damn ADDICTING. I’m getting my base, camps, and crafting close to an attempt across the sea and to the Elder and holy crap it’s been a blast. The hours just melt away figuring stuff out. I’m sure it’s even more fun co-op but solo has been a really fun, and oftentimes relaxing experience… mixed in with moments of anguish and terror of course!
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