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my i7-4790k, why? Because i havent had another CPU yet lol. I've put newer gens into peoples computers too, theres just been really no reason for me to update this cpu until this year (upgrading to a 30xx series gpu so might as well get a newer cpu). It has never faulted on me and it still sits at a cool 33 with air cooling
Jul 18, 2020
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What's the PC gaming gear that you've fallen in love with? It doesn't matter whether it's the latest Nvidia graphics card, a 2000-series AMD CPU, or that grinty gaming mouse you picked up a few years back but now can't bear to be without. Whatever it is, we want to know about it.

And we're not necessarily talking about what you think your most powerful superstar component is, or your most expensive purchase, we'd like you to tell us about the different parts of your gaming setup that mean the most to you. If you're regularly gaming with it today, and it sparks joy, then we want you to tell us just why that particular slice of PC gaming has found a place in your heart.

Over the next two weeks we're going to find out just what our PC Gamer readers are gaming with and why you love the kit you do. So each day there will be a new category of gear and we'd love you to get involved and tell us which products speak to you and why. Then we will gather all the entries together, come up with a shortlist for each of the following categories, and you will then have the chance to vote on which products should get the coveted PC Gamer Readers' Award.
Today we're asking about what processor you love. Is your Core i5 2600K running at a frankly insane overclocked frequency, won't hear a bad word said about your FX 8350, or are you putting all 24 threads of your Ryzen 3900X to great use? Tell us in the thread below, without quoting the original post, first with the name of the product in question, and then just a line or two about why it means so much to you.

And who knows... you might even find yourself featured on the site in our Readers' Awards coverage too.

Ryzen 9 3900X If you would have told me in 2016 that I would have a 12c/24t cpu that cushes gaming as well as productivity for the same price I paid for my i7 7700K, I definitely would have laughed in your face.


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