PC Controls Not Even a Afterthought Now?

Dec 23, 2022
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I have been busy this winter clearing acres of my land, but I have made time for some stress reducing gaming. Two very good games in particular I have been playing are Grounded, and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Grounded is reasonably new, but I think I picked up Horizon a few years back, and never played it for some technical reason I dont recall. Given the time difference it my not be appropriate to lump them into some industry movement; However, both games share a similarity that departs from traditional PC gaming while exacerbating an industry wide neglecting of PC game keybinds.

A staple in most first/third-person video games in the last 20 years has been "Next Weapon" & "Previous Weapon", which seem to be absent in these AAA titles. Replaced, it seems, only by a weapon wheel.

My thought on "wheels" in general are simple: They are a fantastic idea, but because of inherent problems, should not serve as a replacement for next/previous weapon.

Weapon wheels work for me sometimes, most often I just dont use them.

To amplify the difficulty and awkwardness, Ground does not freeze the game while using the 'wheels', Horizon slows game speed, but generally this forces a rushed action that increases the time and error rate of changing weapons. Much of this likely due to mouse sensitivity which will almost certainly be tied to 'look' sensitivity, so lowering it, probably not an option.

I understand that most are designed for gamebox first, It seems trivial to add "Next Weapon" "Previous Weapon", but are PC controls not even an afterthought on AAA titles anymore?

As a footnote, ask me anytime why it is impossible for existing game controllers to be as precise as a mouse.
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