Question pc clicking/ ticking noise

Feb 25, 2022
what does it mean when pc does one click/tick noise randomly
sometimes one click every ten seconds or ten minutes, sometimes not at all for hours
It means you should give us some info so our experts aren't guessing in the dark—especially re any HDDs you have. See here:

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if its randomly it could mean nothing at all.
If its constantly, it could be the heads on your hdd are touching the spinning platters inside them and you don't really want that to happen.
that is why we need to know driver makes/models as a lot of makers have software you can run to check drive health.
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We're going to need more information. A vague question will most often result in a vague answer or worse a detailed answer based on the assumption of this and that when in reality they weren't the origin of the issue.

To be blunt, if you include information that would make it worthwhile for the community to answer, you're going to get a more concrete experience on the forums.
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