Question PC audio cutting in and out

Sep 11, 2020
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I’ve been having problems with sound cutting in and out on my games (especially Destiny 2) and it’s driving me insane. Today I think I found out what’s been causing it. Sometimes (I think) my Xbox controllers audio port is being detected and it’s trying to switch to it causing sound to cut out. When it cuts out, I tabbed to my Device Manager and evening though I am not using a headset at all, this shows up for a second or so and then disappears. My controller is connected wirelessly via the Official Xbox wireless adapter. I still can’t get it to stop the sound cutting in and out though, any ideas or solutions please?

What happens if you disable the device under the audio devices and/or sound controllers in devmgmt?

Or disable the device under Control Panel > Sound in the playback devices tab?
Also in there make sure whatever is meant to be the default device is set to be the default device


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