Opus Magnum - a little-marked puzzle with interesting mechanics

Aug 28, 2023
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I agree that the game is not new, but just look at it! At first glance, it seems that just some balls become different, but HOW it happens is amazing. In general, it looks more like a simulator of a car assembly line or something else, all these manipulators and so on.
Maybe many people haven't even heard about this game, but it's definitely worth it. I was delayed for a couple hundred hours.
Come on, here you can create a philosopher's stone from the very beginning and make gold out of lead.
The game itself consists of a series of levels and surprisingly there is even a plot.
In addition to piling up incomprehensible structures from manipulators, you can compete with other players in the cost of your device and its speed, as in Poly Bridge, only more interesting, as for me.
And who doesn't like to look at the well-coordinated work of mechanisms at all?
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i got space chem free some years ago and played it. Wasn't really for me tbh. part of the problem was that the puzzler felt far too much like work rather then fun. maybe it was because the graphics and theme affected it.

I did have interest in other games like opus magnum, but i suspect these games aren't really for me tbh. Especially if there are other games to play that are more stimulating.
I enjoy all of the Zachtronics games.
I think if you like one you'd probably enjoy the others too, but to differing degrees depending on the setting and also the kind of "programming" that particular game employs.

Honestly my favourite out of the bunch is probably Infinifactory, which I think has maybe the least "real programming" of them all? Also I like the idea of a puzzle-based minecraft which is how I describe that particular game. The backstory/setting is also kinda wacky too which I enjoyed.
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