Question Online problems—Counterstrike GO & Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

Feb 18, 2022
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Couldn't post my thread for some reason, here's a picture of it

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Could anyone please give some advice regarding the original questions?

Here is a link to the developer of the game (splash damage) website. There you can download the full game, as for the MP, you might need to do something special, i would ask this question on their forums that they have a link to on the page as well.

As for the CSGO problem, i dont know what to tell you. They had it seperated between Competitive and non-competitive modes. If youre looking for a match with real people, youd go under competitive, im not sure what the set up is like now though because i havent played it in a while.
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Last time I played ET there were still servers active and some of the old community members were still around. That was a few years ago though, but I still think about jumping back in. Was a great MP game.