On a laptop, a substantial thermal paste pump out is necessary.

Nov 10, 2022
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In brief, I purchased a laptop from Ebay that had terrible pump-out. Zero thermal paste was on the die when it was delivered since it had all leaked out around the borders where it met the heatsink.

After getting rid of it, use GD 900. (only 1C worse than Noctua DH). Which, for a week, was fantastic. The pump out then occurred once more. Resuming throttling at 95C and 2GHz for the CPU

I discovered that laptops demand considerably thicker paste after doing some research. The finest suggestion was Coolermaster Master Gel Maker. For a week, it likewise operated before temperatures and throttling appeared. After two weeks, the CPU is now again throttling at 95C and running at 2GHz.

These pastes are pricey, and I've already spent £20 on TIM tubes that won't work with my laptop. What ought I to do? I considered thermal pads, but the thermal transfer is terrible. There are those graphite pads, but they are electrically conductive, which gives me the creeps. Won't they come loose from the laptop's heatsink?
Nov 15, 2022
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What is the model of laptop? I have same issue with my old HP DV7. The copper heatsink was cracked and laptop was overheating until it was changed


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