OC or not OC

Dec 17, 2021
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I'm not really someone who knows everything about PC components. I do have a general idea of everything. When I was buying my PC, I was aiming for at least a Ryzen 3. I know it should be cheaper than Intel's counterpart. But for some reason, the guys on the store told me that Intel i3 10th gen was cheaper. Because I don't have much money, and a bit of regret as a Ryzen fan boy, I opt in to the i3. I ended up with a Asus TUF Gaming B560 mobo and a Intel i3 10100F, the rest of the details isn't that important on my question. Because this is the best PC I owned so far, I thought might as well mount an AIO on it to future proof it. So I called the shop where I bought my PC and asked what AIO they have. They only have a NZXT Kraken(forgot the exact one) and a DeepCool Anti leak. Because of my fear with those radiator leaks, I bought the DeepCool one. Then I downloaded everything in the driver & utility page of my mobo and I stumbled upon Armoury Crate. So I open it, and saw my CPU speed is 4GHz. At first I was like, "whatever" and didn't really paid thought into it.

Then it got me thinking(finally the question you've anticipated, probably), Am I getting OC even if my CPU isn't OC compatible? Btw, I'm just running the optimized defaults on the BIOS because I don't really have any idea what to tweak in there. And I got a MSI A850GF(the only GF I have huhuhu) PSU, so I'm not afraid about that parts of things, if you know what I mean
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