Obduction by cyan problems

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Nov 4, 2020
I have windows 10 and recently downloaded this game free from epic , i have all the myst games.
As i started to download it the meter said 10 gb but to my suprise it launched itself to the game menu , i dont know if other files were downloading in the back ground.
I did not run the game as i had to go out , when i tried to turn my pc off it would not turn off , i pressed the reset button on my tower and the pc restarted.
I uninstalled the game and the pc shut down as it should.

I then repeated all of the above and yet again the pc would not shut down , has anyone else had this happen.

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So you quit the game to desktop before attempting to shut down, right?

At that stage have a look in Task Manager—sort by name—to see what's still running. If it's something related to the game, use TM's 'End Task' button—that should at least allow you to shut your machine down gracefully.
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