No one talking about the Doom leaks?

Didn't see an article about it on PC Gamer Magazine but is it just me or do I smell a Ghost reference?

I know there's very little info on Doom 6 right now, but what are you hoping to see from a Doom Eternal sequel?

For me personally, I'd hope for the following:

- Toning down on Eternal's gimmicks. Eternal felt like it was way too reliant on the chainsaw and glory kills to do anything in the game. Damage resistance system also felt way too artificial with how it makes you juggle around your arsenal, especially if you've also played older first person shooters (especially DN3D, Quake, and Heretic)
- Every weapon is viable, including your starting gun. I know Brutal Doom is a pretty divisive mod within the Doom community, but I feel like it handled weapon balancing the best
-The final boss should be Tobias Forge's severed head, given Doom: Year Zero's naming


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