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Jun 11, 2024
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I am Hoping this is where I would come to get some answers to questions I have. I am absolutely brand new to gaming. I have an nintendo wii system And love playing it But want to update to something new. I thought about the switch but Have played v r games before and Kinda would like to know about how you would go About playing those kinds of games. If I have to have a controller That has fifteen buttons on it To play , i'm not going to do well at those. I'm pretty good at the wii Because that is simple. Does anyone have any kind of advice on what kind of system I should get And the best systems for shooting games. Do the vr games have guns you can use to play or just hand held controllers?
Like I said I am absolutely Brand new to video game consoles.I have no idea what's The difference between any of them. If someone could please help me out and answer a few questions for me that would be awesome. Are there places out there that you can go and test out systems And games?
Anyway I would appreciate any help.I could get thank you.
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Welcome to the forum :)

So your computer can play games like a system?

Yes, almost any PC can play games, especially older games if the PC is fairly new. For modern action games, the PC will need certain parts which also must be fairly new for the best experience. This is usually called a 'gaming PC', to distinguish from say an office PC.

You would typically play using keyboard and mouse, but you can use a controller instead or as well.

If you tell us your budget and country and any preferred retailers you like to buy from, we may be able to suggest some options for you.

Do you buy them on disc?

It's possible, but online digital purchasing is the main avenue these days. The big dog in that market is Steam, among the others are Epic and GOG. I haven't bought a game on disk in over a decade.
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You can get VR systems that run on their own and have the option to run with a PC for games that are only available on PC. The Meta Quest 3 is the latest of that type. It comes with controllers, though I imagine you could get an accessory that would make them feel like guns.
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