New PC Build troubleshooting

Jan 14, 2023
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I need help to troubleshoot my new and my first PC build. The PC fails to POST while the fans of CPU/case work. The PC restarts within a minute if I place the GPU on the motherboard. I did a few troubleshooting step and please inform if there are some unexpected incompatibilities, any requirement to do bios update or other things:
PC build: xenon2021 - Saved Part Lists - PCPartPicker
Troubleshooting so far: . Checking each RAM on each slot. . Connect monitor with HDMI to motherboard (without placing the GPU on motherboard). . Connecting monitor with HDMI to GPU. . Checking motherboard both inside case and out-of-case (on a wood table). . Checking all cables and connections, CPU, optimized thermal paste. . Removing motherboard battery and placing it after a minute (the PC was off).
Does the PSU provide sufficient power? Shall I upgrade it to provide larger current? The PSU fan does not spin. Is it normal?
PS1: I purchased components via Amazon/Newegg recently and some might be returnable. Some can be only replaced (CPU, GPU). PS2: I do not have any other desktop to double check the health of each component. Is it feasible to do some checking with laptop?