Question New pc build advice with a bit of bling

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Apr 26, 2021
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Monitor speakers are more of a "Last resort" and mostly just there as part of a checkmark. Dedicated speakers will nearly ALWAYS win by miles.

There are a lot of decent speakers out there in a lot of pricing categories. So you would need to think in price and preferred design. Something modern looking? Old fashioned wooden Bookshelf speakers? More gamer focused? Ok with a woofer?

I for example. Am considering to get myself a pair of Creative Pebble Pro (their newest offering) this year. Nice connectivity and design (i got a pair of nice quality studio headphones for gaming sessions).
Just something with good sound
Give us a clue about budget, prices vary hugely.
@Brian Boru might have some decent suggestions.
Not from me personally, sound quality doesn't matter to me, other than something better than monitor/TV please :)

I dont know much about speakers I*m afraid, mine were bought several years ago and there are probably better options now.

But yea budget is the main concern, figure out how much you want to spend and find something with good reviews from several sites for the price. Make sure they're active speakers is the only thing I have to contribute, unless you want to also have to buy an amp as well, with separate power for everything.

PCG also has a guide if it helps at all. I really like those Ruark Walnut ones, but theyre not the cheapest and mine are working perfectly well still.
Hi, see the RTX 4070 isn’t released yet. Do you think it’s still worth waiting for or go for something else ?
$599.99 USD

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hello kopitedavo.... before you buy any component's google the required spec needed for the games you intend to run , as you are in Ireland i can recommend pc specialist over here in England and they do ship to Ireland.

They have built me 3 games rigs , go to the build my pc section and put in the parts you intend fitting and at the end you get a report of what you might have got wrong before you buy .

if you feel confident enough to do your own build thats ok but if you get it wrong and something goes bang its only the individual parts that are guarenteed and then of course you have to prove what caused it .

NOTE .... If you build your own make sure you remove the thin film of plastic from the top of the cpu and dont forget the thermal paste
Dec 17, 2022
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Got the card installed. It came with a double 8 pin connection. Do both adaptors need plugging in or do you just use one of them?

I’ve tried p8 cable into both 8pin adapter cable that comes with the graphics card. Just getting the ram rgb glowing. No other power. When I disconnect the card the pc turns on.

Powered it on without the cable going into the card and everything is on but the cable in the front is not attached. Could it be a bad cable?

The cable I have attached is a p8, I have 12 pin connector to either vga2 & vga3.
The power supply is a be quiet dark power pro 750 W.

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