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Jul 18, 2023
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Hey folks!
Im in need of some help to decide on my new CPU along with a new motherboard and cooler.
At the moment my PC is the following:
CPU: i5 6600k
GPU: GTX 1070 ti
RAM: 16gb
MOBO: asus z170-p

Im deciding between a ryzen 5600 or a 5700x, ideally what i would do was mainly gaming while watching some streams or videos on a second monitor, ocasionally edit some photos in lightroom but nothing professionally, i mainly game at 1080p so would the 5600 be enough for me or is the 5700x price justified in this case? ( 50 eur difference)
Also, which motherboard would you recommend? Im planning on OC and a normal ATX but the cheapest possible for this effect.

Thank you so much!
Look at a B550 board.


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