Question Needing help identifying a niche old game

Oct 4, 2021
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I am fully convinced this game was a possible fever dream as I cannot find anything on it and it doesn't help that I can't remember the name.

I played it when I was very young. This was arohnd the Early 2000s, but the game in all honesty might be even before then. I also am not sure if it was an indie game.

It was a game set in space. You used to have to pick some things and then it assigned you to an alien you work for, and no matter what I chose it always assigned me to the same alien that when his picture popped up, he would go "Wheeeeeh" with the same way you'd say Waluigi. (I swear his name was similar to Zimm or something, but I could be wrong)

The main basis of the game I remember is you'd have a ship with limited space and you'd travel between the worlds, carrying cargo that you'd buy and sell basically, with the option of also taking passengers with you if you had the space for it. Refuelling was costly.

Once you went to a planet, it would basically show you a still that showed how the general world looked like and you basically had a few buttons you could use to do things on that world. One of them I remember being visiting the mother of your boss on a certain world.

There was no combat that I remember orstrategy type thing, but it was highly possible that I played a demo and juat never got to it.
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