Question Need help identifying my pc case

Sorry for not uploading the front and side panels pics he sent me lol I thought I did. Thank you for the tomshardware suggestion I will try that too.

pc case pic
pc case pic
After doing a little bit of searching to me it looks like an old Seasonic case, I was going off of your power supply. As it turns out they made cases as well. Were you looking to upgrade your case or need info on it?
That case could be made by Rosewill or Thermaltake since I don't recall seeing anything from Fractal or Coolermaster that resembled that front fascia. Also, there should be a barcode or part number on the underside of the case, might want to parse that as well.


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I stand corrected! You're welcome :)
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i think i know what this word is :)

that looks to be right case, lutfi

Seasonic cases appear to have glass sides and latest one doesn't look anything like that -
image search doesn't return any other than glass fronted ones.
their new ones have completely different PSU in them now - syncro&cm_re=seasonic_syncro-_-17-151-250-_-Product&quicklink=true


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