Need advice on a new build (for gaming)

Jun 21, 2020
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Hello. I would like to get a new pc (changing pretty much everything, dont have any recent or good parts). I'm new and dont have almost any knowledge regarding builds and parts so it would be very helpful if you could recommend a CPU/GPU with around 800$ budget (for both) as i heard they are most important. Thanks in advance!

Inspireless Llama

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You want 800$ for CPU and $800 for the GPU or 800$ in total for the GPU & CPU? That's a bit unclear for me, sorry.

What games do you play, what resolution do you play at?
Also, if you're changing an old CPU to a new one you're probably gonna need a new motherboard and RAM as well. Is that included in the $800?

Could you please fill in the form here and provide extra information? Based on the info you gave now we can't really give any sensible advice because a PC needs to be balanced.
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