My Spider-Man Remastered Video Highlights Thus Far

Well, here's some highlights of my Spider-Man playthrough so far on Amazing. I'd like to say I'm actually feeling a bit amazing sometimes now, but the moment I get that notion while playing, I proceed to get really clumsy again. These are pretty much all side missions. I was having a problem several times accidentally hitting Tab (Map) when using Q to grab and web throw objects at foes, which caused some edits, some not so noticeable, but some were. So I bound Map to M, and that doesn't happen anymore.

-----SPOILER WARNING----- (only non story spoilers that show general fighting and web swinging)

My 1st Hideout capture. I was slow to figure out a strategy, but didn't know yet things like web shots near enemies can lure them.
The bonus objectives are Perch Takedowns and Knocking or Throwing enemies off the building. Spidey is kinda portrayed as a non lethal
hero, but tossing enemies off tall buildings seems to stretch that concept about as far as his web. Still no solution for aiming throws. o_O

My 2nd Hideout capture. By now I'd gotten faster at finishing them. The bonus objectives here are taking out enemies with Scaffolding,
which is easy, but the other, a 20 hit Combo, required getting in the thick of it. By now I'd learned about the web shot lure,
the game takes it's sweet time informing you of this. My goal here was to deal with armed enemies before trying the 20 combo.

My 3rd Hideout capture. Finish time is even faster now. Here the bonus objectives are Disarms and Air Launch attacks.
The Air Launch attacks are fun, and a quick way to build combos while being out of reach of ground troops and less likely to take fire,
but I learned you must first actually remember to BUY the skill that allows you to disarm when weapons bigger than pistols are used.
I also learned the hard way the need to remember that L Ctrl drops Spidey from what he clings to after unintentionally jumping on
a vertical surface, which caused me to be on the losing end of a game of peekaboo with a guy wielding a rocket launcher!

This is a side mission Helping Howard. He's been displaced by developers, whom also set the pigeons in the coop he takes care of free.
You must retrieve 12 birds for him, 1 or 2 of which are found in each district. It's a great way to learn how to web swing faster while
chasing something you have no idea where is headed. I failed the 1st one once, but 1 is also not shown due to getting side tracked.

This is Internet Famous, a mission for live streaming antagonist Screwball you're suckered into under the pretense it's to save a hostage.

This is Ventilate the Problem, a mission to destroy steam pressure regulators on an Apt complex to avoid dangerous pressure levels.

This is one of various types of Crime missions being a Demon Armored Car attack where the Asian gang by the same name are the
perps. I kind of stupidly show the "Blitz" suit power which this Velocity suit unlocks, whereby you can knock foes over by running
through them. It's really best utilized if you have the Web Bomb equipped, which can web stick several prone enemies to tarmac.
I DID however finally manage to do a special takedown on one of the big guys after my combo built up, which is why I captured it.

This is a kind of humorous and fun mission called Spider-Men, where you find out someone has been impersonating you, then finds
he can't handle several armed enemies at once. I use Air Launches a lot to avoid melee attacks and fire, but by now I've also bought
one of my favorite skills so far, which is a very nifty upgrade to disarm that allows you to swing the weapon back at them! :p
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Played more yesterday and this morning, but you're still ahead of me. Will come back and watch these later.
After digging into more of the story stuff, the man behind the Demon gang is who I expected, but then they kind of give you tons of hints, so you probably know. That unlocked a higher tier of what were Fisk Hideouts, and now Demon Warehouses. These are much tougher, with a TON more enemies. The bonus objectives, or one of them anyway, was also considerably harder, being taking the combo meter to 35. There's a few skills you can get, all cheap to buy, which allow you to charge a powerful vertical jump, then do a powerful ground smash, that can build up your combo meter fast by knocking down enemies all around you. I didn't have the Charged Jump skill, nor enough points to get it, so I used the skill where you pull enemies toward you after jumping in the air.

It was so effective I got my 35 combo bonus in the first wave or two, and proceeded to use it to finish them all off. Combined with the skill that makes aerial melee more powerful, it takes out enemies quick, and out of reach of melee from others. It also makes you less likely to get hit by enemy fire. I did have that one skill point I needed afterward though, and tested that Jump/Slam combo by myself on a rooftop. It looks devastating indeed, I damaged the roof of the building pretty bad. I also have a suit now that unlocks Bulletproof suit power once you buy it. I've used it for the start of some of those street Crime missions, but didn't use it much if at all at the Demon Warehouse. I've got a vid of most of the Demon Warehouse mission I'll post soon. It's all but just the 3 guys on the roof that are easy to take out, then you go down a hatch on the roof.
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Here's that clip of one of the new side missions called Demon Warehouses, which are pretty much a higher tier of the Fisk Hideout missions, but with different enemies. These are quite a bit harder with a lot more enemies, and the 35 hit combo bonus objective requires careful avoidance of melee and gunfire. I found the Air Yank skill to be very useful for that.
agghhh, spoilers. 🤣

that asides, the spider man remaster looks great. 😎
Well, despite my labeling the thread above with a huge SPOILERS WARNING, what I've shown so far is only side mission stuff, none are main story missions. That's why I edited the warning to be more specific as to what is shown. I did capture a main story mission last night, but mostly for the humor in it and the fact that it showcases the game's graphics well. There is a main character revealed as a villain at one point, but I will be sure to warn not to watch beyond the start of that point so no one will have it spoiled for them.
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Well I'm about 3/4 way through the game now, and have mopped up a lot of side missions, including all the challenges and Demon Warehouses. I had a nasty audio bug that lasted a few missions. One of them also had a bug that involved not being able to progress after hacking a security console, and Spidey also suffered an animation bug on that mission where he'd be wall sliding instead of crawling because like most people in real life these days, he couldn't put his cell phone away. I found a workaround for the hack bug, and improvised to deal with the animation bug.

Demon Warehouses

Upper West Side

The Bonus Objectives here were Use Trip Mine on 5 Enemies, and Perform 3 Off The Wall attacks. The Trip Mine one was no problem, but I kept using L Ctrl+ Space instead of L Ctrl+ RMB to try Off The Wall. I guess I just instinctively think of using Space when jumping off something like a wall because it's the Jump key. So I took longer than I should have, but managed.

Hell's Kitchen

The Bonus Objectives here were Perform 3 Stealth Takedowns and Web Throw 10 enemies. The first is shown as already completed because I restarted from the checkpoint where you drop into the warehouse after completing it. I did the stealth takedowns again though. The web throws are always part of my usual Spidey tricks, so they were no problem either.

East Harlem

The Bonus Objectives here were Electrify 10 enemies, and Perform 10 Dodge Under moves. By now I've gotten faster at these, so despite needing 10 of each, it went much quicker. The main difference is I got in the habit of using gadgets a lot more. That will no doubt be essential if I try the game on Spectacular mode, but avoiding attacks will also be imperative.

West Harlem

The Bonus Objectives here were Perform 10 Finishers and Perform 10 Swing Kicks. I used the Combat Focus Suit Power for the Finishers, because it slowly fills Focus when activated. I mostly got my Focus with combos though. The Swing Kicks are easy and fun, but I had a few errant swings not being faced correctly. Swing Kick wall paste was a blast though.

Taskmaster Challenges

Sadly I can only show 13 of the 16 challenges because after several tries I accepted a Spectacular score on 2 Drone Challenges and 1 Combat Challenge. I did not know that doing so would lock me out of trying them again. I however persevered and managed those 13 on Ultimate score, which gave me incentive to try playing on Spectacular mode next time.

Bomb Challenges

These are a lot easier than Drone or Combat challenges, but tougher than Stealth challenges. It's mainly a matter of choosing a good route, timing your swing release point to move you more forward than upward at key points, and making sure you web zip to a point near the bomb. There's certainly no time to dilly dally though, as time's a tickin away.

Stealth Challenges

The easiest of all 4 by far. One I even aced easily the first try. In fact if I'd seen that there is an enemy remaining counter onscreen, I might have scored much better on one of them. I don't know how this will play on higher difficulty modes, but on Amazing mode, you can web strike all enemies, and even catch some face on if quick enough, as they are slow to react.

Drone Challenges

This is where web swinging, horizontal web zip yanks, and point launching , which is timing a jump off a point you web zip to, have to be very precise. I sufficed without having the Point Launch Boost skill, which boosts you considerably when timing a point launch, but managed anyway. Part of what helps your score is hitting the blue orbs on the drone's path.

Combat Challenges

These took almost as many tries as Drone challenges, and gadgets are essential. Certain skills like Wrecking Ball, which allows you to web throw brutes, help a lot too. I've also got Rocket Return that allows web throwing back rockets, but have yet to use it. I saved Combat Challenges for last because there's a fight with Taskmaster after beating all challenges.

That's enough for now, I've got some more ready to post, but most of them fit into side or story mission categories that reveal main characters and will require special spoiler warnings.
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I discovered a nice surprise while playing last night. I was wrong about not being able to replay challenges after accepting a score. I had mistakenly thought they all had green checkmarks by their icons on the map, but I found out you only get that for max score. So I went back and replayed the 3 I got Spectacular score on and was able to get Ultimate this time. I also found out you can replay Base side missions as well, just by standing on a big blue circle I hadn't noticed before.

WARNING---Some of the below are main story missions (anything that says main), so pay attention to the SPOILER warning on each!

This is the 1 combat challenge and 2 drone challenges I thought I wouldn't be able to retry. They are in the Financial and Chinatown districts. The only really hard one is the Drone challenge in the financial district, which took numerous tries.

Retried Challenges

The Bonus Objectives here were Perform 4 Stealth Takedowns, and Web Throw 5 enemies at other enemies. I had to wait until they were distracted by police to keep using stealth. However it was also frustrating once that objective was complete that my web shooter kept auto targeting the Swordsman, whom can easily make Sushi of Spidey's webs.

Demon Hostages Chinatown

The Bonus Objectives here were Force the truck to stop safely and Web the bomb in mid air after tossing it. Often times one of the objectives is to take no damage during the chase, and I've only once ever been able to do that.

Demon Truck Bomb Sugar Hill

I took this guy for granted, he hits pretty hard with his huge sledgehammer, and can kill you easily if you get too close after having taken lots of damage. He also has several thugs attacking while fighting him.
Tombstone Boss Fight (SPOILER side mission main character)

A timed stealth based mission where you have to take out snipers before they get their shots off, and rescue hostages.

Snipe Hunt

This is a cool mission to enable a storm tracking network while dodging lightning strikes, one of which actually killed me.

Lightning Rod

A school Halloween party where a main villain is looking for information about a toxin from a professor.
Back to School (SPOILER a main villain revealed)

A buggy mission I like to call "Slidey Spidey Can't Hack It". It's about finding the nature and whereabouts of a substance the aforementioned villain is after. The bugs are the game not letting you progress after the hack, and Spidey sliding with stiff arms and legs because like most people, he can't be bothered to put away his cell phone. The workaround is to start the hack but not finish it, then bring up the gadget menu, then finish the hack. The animation bug is worked around by detaching from the building, then web zipping to re-attach, but is dangerous in spots.
Spider Hack (SPOILER main mission)

A mission where you play as MJ infiltrating a Sable outpost where they're holding a man whom has info on what the Demons are up to. Spidey pops in before she can get all the info, which makes her mad at him.
Uninvited (SPOILER main mission)

A very cool "Fast and Furious" type mission where you are in pursuit of that revealed main villain after he steals the toxin by kidnapping the doctor carrying it. There's some great vehicular action in this one.
Collision Course (SPOILER main mission)
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OK, I'm at a part where the game has reached a major pivot point. I have all districts 100%ed now, and am 89% through the game.
The pivot point comes after a mission called "Out of the Frying Pan...", where Spidey has upset all his main enemies in the game. After that mission, there is chaos in the streets everywhere, as a ton of prisoners have escaped, and Sable's forces are blaming and gunning for Spidey too. There's definitely more need for use of gadgets here, but the good thing is, there's a variety of street and rooftop scuffles to choose from to resupply them via XP.

This is a mission where you play half as MJ, half as Spidey, to thwart the Demon gang leader's attempt to set off the Devil's Breath toxin at Grand Central Station.
This is the first time I tried Rocket Return, where Spidey web catches an RPG and tosses it back. Unfortunately it is very underwhelming.

The One That Got Away (SPOILER Main mission)

This is a side mission to retrieve hard drives containing evidence on the first main villain in the game, whom is now behind bars.
The drives were stolen from the police truck before they got to the police station.
Error: File Not Found

This is a main mission to help Dr Octavius calibrate the robotic arms he's been working on. Peter discovers as well that the Dr has dangerously cybernetically linked the arms (now tentacles) to his brain, risking possible brain damage. A newscast the Dr sees enrages him further toward the mayor, as he reconnects the tentacles against Peter's warnings.
Breakthrough (SPOILER major main mission and pivot point)

This is that aforementioned mission that totally changes the city toward a very hostile environment, as Spidey tries to unsuccessfully help Yuri thwart a major prison and RAFT break. He's met by all the top main villains in the game, whom to his surprise are now all lead by Dr Octavius.
This is the first mission I started using the Web Blossom Suit Power, which has Spidey spinning and shooting webs while in the air. It's very effective at knocking down many enemies, and best used when they are near walls or objects they can be stuck to.

Out of the Frying Pan... (SPOILER major main mission and big villain reveal)

This is a new Crime type side mission with escaped prisoners. The Bonus Objectives here are Perform 5 Air Throws on enemies, and Perform 10 Swing Kicks. I was having a bit of trouble with the Air Throws.

Convict Rampage Financial District

This is a new Crime type side mission where Sable's troops are taking control of certain streets. The Bonus Objectives here are Electrify 5 enemies at once, and Achieve a combo of 20 or more. These can be tough, the main priority is taking out vehicle turrets, tower snipers, and Jetpack enemies first, as they can do the most damage.

Sable Checkpoint Financial District

This is a new Base type side mission where escaped prisoners have set up a camp. The Bonus Objectives here are Use Trip Mine on 5 Enemies and Perform 5 aerial attacks.

Prisoner Camp Financial District

The Bonus Objectives here are Perform 10 Air Yanks and Perform 5 Stealth Takedowns. It's best to do the Stealth Takedowns first, as once stealth is blown, it's very hard to be covert.

Prisoner Camp Chinatown

The Bonus Objectives here are Perform 15 Perfect Dodges, and Perform 15 Finishers. The Finishers were easy, but the Dodges require perfect timing.

Prisoner Camp Hell's Kitchen

The Bonus Objectives here are Perform a 50 hit combo, and Knock or throw 5 enemies off the building.

Prisoner Camp Harlem

This is a new Base type side mission where Sable's troops are holding civilians prisoner for nefarious reasons. The Bonus Objectives here are Yank Down 10 enemies and Perform 5 Stealth Takedowns.

Sable Outpost Central Park

The Bonus Objectives here are Perform a 65 hit combo, and Electrify 10 enemies. It's very helpful with high combo count objectives to use the Bio Mesh Suit Mod, which allows you to "Absorb some incoming damage without resetting the combo counter."

Sable Outpost Midtown

The Bonus Objectives here are Disarm 5 enemies, and Throw 5 Jetpack enemies during aerial combat.

Sable Outpost Upper West Side

The Bonus Objectives here are Perform 10 Swing Kicks, and Stealth Takedown 3 RPG enemies. Obviously you want to get the Stealth Takedowns first.

Sable Outpost Harlem
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Sorry for the long delay, I took close to 11 weeks off to play other games. This will conclude my video highlights for this game. This posting contains the final 8 missions of the game. I really like this game and it's been a fun play through. I may come back to it and do an actual walkthrough on Spectacular mode, but I'll have to spend some time playing on that mode first to see if I can handle it. I was planning to do it from another fresh start vs NG +, so it shouldn't take long to assess if I can do it, as some of the first big missions can be hard with minimal upgrades. I'll probably try a play through of the Miles Morales spinoff first on the default difficulty mode, though I'm not sure whether I'll do a highlight series of it.

Into the Fire

As the mission title suggests, this is a follow up to the last main mission I left off with, Out of the Frying Pan... . Rhino and Electro are assisting escapees behind the scenes. Electro has sealed police stations with high voltage charges, trapping cops and rescued citizens inside.

The fights with Rhino and Electro come later, though they're not paired together there.

With the extended time I took off, my Spidey combat skills were a bit lacking, but I got into the "swing" of things by the time I fought Rhino and Scorpion. Actually, I did pretty well in the mission before that where Scorpion puts you on a hallucinogenic trip with his poison.

The hardest part of this mission is dealing with Sable's Jetpack troops whom intervene, and I was struggling trying to quickly regain my aerial combat skills after the time off. In the penultimate mission before the final battle, they come in greater numbers packing more serious firepower with assistance from rocket launcher equipped ground troops, but by then my Spidey combat skills were thankfully back in full swing.

Picking up the Trail

This is a mission where you find a secret lair Doc Ock is using and investigate what he and his henchmen are up to. The info (mostly via audio recordings) contained inside is optional, but I went through all of it in case any of you were interested in it, though I'll not spoil the details. The mission culminates in an aerial fight with Vulture and Electro, where I was still a bit shaky, but adequately effective.

Streets of Poison

This is the aforementioned mission where you're poisoned by Scorpion. It's primarily a web swinging affair that can be deceptively hard to avoid damage from falling, poison, or worse. I'll not spoil the main details.

Supply Run

This feels like a side mission, but is a main mission where Miles sneaks antibiotics from an aid station Sable's troops are guarding. It's only a main I think because it shows how Miles is taking baby steps toward being a hero. It's really only a "taste" of what's to come though, so not a big spoiler.

Heavy Hitter

After Rhino and Scorpion have stirred up trouble with escapees and aid stations, it's now time Spidey deal with them. This is a very easy and short fight, as long as you use the environmental devices supplied in the small construction site it happens in, and take measures to make sure they aren't both attacking at once. It has a rather funny ending.

Step Into My Parlor...

This is a 100% sneak mission as MJ to try and find a cure for Devil's Breath. It includes details along the way about Norman's son Harry, but I won't spoil any of it.

The Heart of the Matter

This is a mission to go after the cure you've now discovered the location of. You can start this mission entirely with stealth, but as mentioned, Sable's troops will then intervene with that firepower I mentioned. I managed to get through that with enough focus to fully heal at the end of it, but in the fight with Mr. Negative afterward, I nearly died by getting too aggressive just before his big demon appeared the final time. I got ahead of myself getting my combo up to 27, and was thinking too offensively and not defensively enough.

Pax in Bello

This mission, which translated roughly means Peace in War, is the final fight with your old pal Dr Octavius. True to the term "boss" fight, he actually used to be your employer in the game. He CAN indeed boss you around, but this fight can be won rather quickly if you manage to dodge his attacks. I made a stupid mistake midway through it by camping too long atop a pole while waiting for a prompt to toss back one of his projectiles when avoiding his fiery AOE ground attack.

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