MSI motherboard CPU red light on ez debug

Jan 10, 2023
Hello I just bought this PC and it was working for about 1 week and then the entire computer froze, I wasn't playing any videogames o something at that moment, I was just watching videos, everytime that I try to turn on my computer the red light still on cpu ez debug and the system doesn't boot up. I've been trying many thing to fix it but I failed, remove battery, change PSU, change cpu, with and without graphic card, change ram.

So this is the weird thing, I decided to leave the computer after trying those things, after maybe 8 hours I decided to turn on the computer and it worked and was working for about a week again and I got the problem again

Motherboard: MSI h100m pro-vd plus
Cpu: i5-6500
Ram: 8gb ram DDR4 one slot
Graphic card: GTX 960
Hi and welcome.

Intermittent electrical faults are the worst kind. This isnt something I've any experience with but sounds to me like it could be a fault with the motherboard or CPU as thats the warning light you are seeing.

One thing you didnt mention you could try is updating to the latest system BIOS. There's a guide on how to do it on this page


Apart from that, I dont have any ideas. Someone else here might, or you could try posting over at Toms Hardware as their are a lot more people there into hardware.

Hope you get it sorted.
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Jan 10, 2023
Thanks, the next time that the computer turns on I'll try to follow the guide in order to update the BIOS, if that doesn't work I'll post my results and the solution, but I'm really sure it's something related to the motherboard because I tested all my components on my friend's computer (PSU,cpu, ram, graphic card) and all of them worked perfectly even under pressure test (playing games and performance tests) and nothing bad happened.

Another weird thing is when the computer doesn't boot up or it will be stuck with the cpu led in the motherboard, the light of the button located in the PC case doesn't show any light, but when the computer was working fine the PC case button always had a light on. (It's white). When this happened to me the first the PC case button doesn't show any light until I left it for maybe 8 hours and again when I try to turn on the computer the PC case button turned on the light.
Welcome to the forum :)

it was working for about 1 week and then the entire computer froze
Did you change anything just before the first freeze? Update software, install some app, plug in some USB device… anything at all.

Is it a pre-built PC, if so, what make & model?
What OS on it?
I assume you've cleaned any dust & dirt off the fans and grills.

It's fairly old, so if it's been in constant use for nearly a decade, it's time for some components to start failing. Are you sure it wasn't used for crypto mining?

You're probably right about the motherboard—I'm no expert, but you've done good testing so far.
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