Motherboard's inputs/outputs Audio

Jan 2, 2021
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Hello everyone,

So I have this question in my mind but I couldn't find any answers. I tried my best to search for someone who at least spoke about this matter but nothing at all. It is either that the solution is already there but I can't see it or no one faced this problem before.

So anyone who has an Analog 7.1 headset such as Razer Tiamat v2 will know that they have 5 or 6 inputs/outputs to connect to the motherboard:
1- Power USB
2- Side surround
3- Rear surround
4- Center/subwoofer
5- Front L/R (which is also audio out)
6- Mic

The old motherboards that support 7.1, they have all these inputs and outputs. The weird thing with the new motherboards (for example: the 10th gen) they've removed side surround and put Optical output.

So now people with Analog 7.1 cannot connect all the auxiliaries to the motherboard since there is no side surround auxiliary! or am I wrong?
Right now the only way to get full experience is either buy digital headset or buy a soundcard that has all the auxiliaries
thanks and waiting for your response


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