Question Motherboard in Medion P20

Oct 26, 2023
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I’m looking at a nicely priced Medion P20 with product number MD35349. It is an i5 12400f and rtx 3060 build (9990 NOK - I live in Norway).

I am not able to find which motherboard it has, nor power supply and cpu cooler.

Anyone that has this insight that would be willing to share? 😀
MEDION is a publicly traded stock company with headquarters in Essen, Germany, and has approximately 1000 dedicated employees. Since 2011 the company has been part of the international Lenovo Group, the world’s largest PC supplier.

it doesn't help there is a laptop with same name -

I can't find anything on motherboard. Most I got is it is B660 chipset. Listings on sales sites hardly ever go into the details about coolers or PSU.

Would need someone to review it... which didn't happen.

its got a 450watt PSU - but no idea which brand

The cooler is probably a stock intel cooler. If its not mentioned anywhere, or an oem one, since Lenovo have plenty of choice

Really, you should ask on as someone there should know answers to your questions.

it shouldn't be that hard but most OEM don't share that info unless its a selling point.. like water cooling or something.
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