Most Memorable Game Actors


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After reading the article below today I began to think of who my "Hall of Fame" for voice and/or MoCap acting would be in all the games I've played over the years. Who makes your list? Here's a few to get started:

James McCaffrey - Max Payne
Troy Baker - Higgs (Death Stranding)
Ellen McLain - GLaDOS (Portal)
Ray Liotta - Tommy Vercetti (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City)



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Jan 13, 2020
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Michael Mando's performance of Vaas Montenegro for Far Cry 3. Hands down the best. Although, that might also have something to do with the "Far Cry Experience" film that Ubisoft produced before the game came out. It featured Christopher Mintz-Plasse on a tropical get-away that is promptly interrupted by Vaas and his pirates, and it's probably the best bit of game/film crossover I've ever seen. Really though, I can't think of any other game characters I've seen that match up.
I can't think of many digital actors that I remember much but the old FMV days of Command and Conquer have stuck with me so there must be something in there. I also remember a funny interview Jeremy Irons(?) did for one of the games (maybe in PCG?) ages ago that talked about acting in a FVM game. I can't remember the phrases he used but he said something like, "We're bringing medieval acting to gaming. The real ****." It was something to that effect and I remember bursting out laughing when I read it.

@spvtnik1 and @XoRn got in before me!

James Earl Jones was probably my fav of the C&C/RA FMVs, but of course not forgetting my crush on Kari Wuhrer!

Vaas was good, but Troy Baker was superb as Pagan Min—a much more nuanced and interesting character than the cardboard caricature which was Vaas. Troy captured the complexity and contradictions very well.

RIP Leonard Nimoy, you will live forever in Civilization 4 tech quotes—mmm, maybe have another claim to immortality too :)


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Sometimes its really hard for me to tell great lines from great acting skill so I don't trust this list much but...

Jim Cummings - Minsc in Baldur's Gate
Jennifer Hale - Femshep, Fall From Grace, Naomi Hunter, Bastila Shan... just tons of characters
Brian Bloom - Varric Tethras, BJ Blazkowicz in the recent Wolfenstein games, and many many more

RIP Leonard Nimoy, you will live forever in Civilization 4 tech quotes...
"Beep. Beep. Beep." I can just see his eyebrows arch as he was asked to read that line. ;)