Question Midweek Question: What will you be playing over the holidays?

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Dec 9, 2019
The holidays are a great time to get some gaming in, either by diving into your backlog, trying something new, or just comfortably zoning out with a favorite.

What game or games do you plan to play over the holiday break?

Let me know by Wednesday and I'll publish some of your answers along with answers from the PCG staff!
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Jun 26, 2020
I'm probably going to be playing some Shadowlands this holiday season. I recently unlocked all of the allied races, so I've been leveling a couple up for that heritage armor. Hoping to get to level 60 on two of them, which should be easy enough (just hit 50 on one of them in about 17 hours of play, pretty quick these days).

I'm also probably going to start a new run of Divinity: Original Sin 2. 500 hours of that game and I still can't get enough.

I just might finish Cyberpunk, although I just haven't found the will to continue it recently.
My friend upgraded his computer this week (so he can play Cyberpunk) and gave me his old computer, so now I can play Stardew Valley with my wife over the holidays. She recently got back into it, perfectly timed for the new 1.5 version that released yesterday and which adds a bunch of late game content.
Well, originally I had planned on playing CP2077, but seeing the state it's in from all the articles and posts, at PCG and elsewhere, I've put that on hold for at least a few months. So I decided to pick up Outer Worlds, especially as it's 50% off on the Steam Winter Sale. I hear it's rather short, but I love Obsidian's games so I know I'll enjoy it.
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Jan 14, 2020
Despite the occasional glitchy weirdness, I'm having a decent enough time with Cyberpunk, so I'll probably continue to play that.

(Though there are a handful of missions I just can't do yet, as people keep one-shotting me, and I didn't buy the necessary Health and Armor perks to prevent this from happening. It seems really easy to make a broken character in this game. Which I would be fine with if the rest of the game were more stable/rewarding as a trade-off. But every locked door I encounter has higher and higher strength/tech demands.)
I'll probably return to dipping into Civ6 which I picked up complete earlier this year. I'll have another shot at Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, see if I can get past an early bug—no chance of course if the bug is in my wiring!

I really ought to start in on the Assassins Creeds I picked up a year ago, Origins or Odyssey. Which is a better intro to the AC world?
Dead rising 4. It seemed appropriate;

-It has a festive theme (even though it was set during black friday but has a christmas vibe with everything)
-Its set around 2021
-its about an infection/virus which seemed topical enough.
Jan 14, 2020
Euro Truck Simulator 2 for the Christmas Event.
Per Aspera, I love city style building games. Might replay a bit of Tropico 5 as well.
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Hmm, I picked up Bloons TD 6 and Save the Dodos yesterday for less than $1 each on Steam, so I'll give those a spin.

Someone—I think Zloth—recommended Bloons here as a very fun Tower Defense. While it's not a main genre of mine, I'm all for fun :)

Remember Lemmings, a great puzzle series from the 90s? Save the Dodos is a modern take on it, except that rather than interacting with the little guys to save them from themselves, you manipulate the world around them. If it's half as good as the Lemmings series was…
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Ne moi pas!* The only Tower Defense I liked are the Dungeon Master games and their clones - and that's stretching the definition pretty far.

*One of two French phrases I know, the other being "Je ne sais pas." Both were quite handy in French class.


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