Question Mid-Week Question: What did you think about the 'Non-E3' this year?

I don't think we ever came up with a great name for E3's replacement this year. Online only and spread out over several months instead of packed into one busy week, it was definitely different.

But what did you think of it? Better than previous E3s? Worse? Ultimately the same? Anything you missed about a traditional E3?

Let me know by Wednesday and we'll post your answers along with ours!
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Jan 17, 2020
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Having never gone to one before, I felt it was mostly the same. I do gotta say that for being a new console year, things have been rather lackluster. Though overall I am happy these industries were willing to flex towards what was needed for the public, rather than trying to do what was best for their bottom line. With everything being spaced out and individual studios doing things at their own pace, it does seem like I got the chance to see more indie titles than I used to. On the other side, It has been rather disappointing how few AMA's there have been considering they are now using a tool that should allow more audience participation rather than less.

All in all, I find this to be a positive trend that will need some refinement. On a side note, I kind of wonder if companies invested the money that normally goes into their marketing during these conventions, back into their employees who have had to change so much to accommodate these changes.
I liked it a bit more. Less flash and fluff, more focus on the games and the trailers, and I didn't feel compelled to try and conform my day to any schedule. There wasn't really much that caught my attention this year, though, and I think most of the upcoming games I care about had already been announced before this. I never actually go to these things, usually just catch them online in hopes of seeing something to keep me steadily hyped throughout the summer, but even so it felt a bit more focused on the right stuff.

The only real disappointment I had was knowing I wouldn't get to see Digital Devolver do their thing, but I think they had a pretty brilliant alternative.


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