Question Mid-Week Question -- Did you ever build or buy a PC just to play one specific game? What game was it?

Sometimes there's a game on the horizon you just know your PC won't be able to run—or won't be able to run it well, anyway. Or sometimes you'll be playing a game but you can see by other people's videos and screenshots that you're just not getting the most out of it, performance or graphics-wise.

So our question this week: Have you ever built or bought a new PC just to play one particular game? Or just so you could crank that game up to max settings? What game was it?

Let me know by Thursday and we'll publish your answers along with ours!
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The first PC I ever built was to play Star Wars: Galaxies back when it first came out. I had been a PC gamer before that, but hadn't had one in a few years and never built one myself. I bought some cheap parts from a friend, but they weren't compatible so I got to learn a bit of what worked with what and purchased some replacement parts. I've been building my own PCs ever since.

RIP SWG, you were a game ahead of your time.


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Nope, never did that. I'll start having to turn down settings in games, interesting hardware will come out, sometimes even a new OS will put on pressure. Eventually, I'll finally take the time to read up on the latest hardware and buy a fresh, new PC. (Then I'll more-or-less ignore hardware again until the next cycle starts.)
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I once had to make a major upgrade to my PC in order to play an entire generation of games.

I was one of the seven people stupid enough to buy a Geforce4 MX 460, a very mid range graphics card that was completely absent any texture or pixel shading tech which started becoming part of basically every game from PoP: Sands of Time onwards. I was so irrationally pissed that I got my next two GPUs from AMD instead out of spite.

I also only left Windows XP for Windows 7 in order to play Just Cause 2 which needed DX10 to function.
So our question this week: Have you ever built or bought a new PC just to play one particular game? Or just so you could crank that game up to max settings? What game was it?

I had never done that until Cyberpunk 2077 was looming (at the time I thought it might come out in 2018/2019, but clearly I was way off). And while technically I didn't build it JUST to play that, it was a key motivating factor.

Since then it has fallen behind the curve a bit, so I upgraded the video card and got a better SSD, fingers crossed that this will be sufficient. It was good enough for RDR2, at least. (I didn't pull the trigger on a more expensive ray-tracing card even though CP2077 is said to support that at the start. That could be something I'll experience the second playthrough, perhaps.)

And yes, I realize it's a bit foolish to prep for a game that nobody knows the ideal specs for, but I have to make purchases when the funds are there.

("Why not hold onto those funds until you know?" Good question, hypothetical person. Two reasons: one, I still needed/wanted a new PC anyway, and Cyberpunk 2077 being on the horizon was a convincing argument to both myself and my wife. And two, held funds in my experience have a habit of being diverted to other things that come up in the meantime.)
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Aug 14, 2020
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Building A PC is not of my forte and I always seem to ask my friends to do it for me. But within this year I'm planning to build one for the purpose of streaming mmorpg's mostly the ones that are about to come out next year. My target build is almost within the range of Bless Unleashed PC's requirements coz that would be my main topic for my intended channel. The good thing is that they plan to officially launch the game next year so I have a better view of what I need to do before it comes out.
Nah, I bought a PC to explore multitude of games. =) Different genre, different gameplay and new game friends. Another thing, I bought this PC to use it in business, work and school. =)


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