Microsoft to buy Activision/Blizzard

Well, that's a biggie.

Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion

This is going to be a nightmare for Sony, as Call of Duty, Overwatch (future ones) and Diablo 4 will all be Xbox exclusives in the future. Microsoft is going to have to be a bit more hands-on with Act/Bliz than they typically are. The company is a mess.

Honestly, I was hoping it was going to be Take 2, but maybe they are next. In other news, Microsoft has too much money.
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I don't think that will stop Activision from hungering for souls. In fact, they might think that the souls of Microsoft's higher-up will be even more delicious than those of Raven Software and Toys for Bob.

Wonder if they have a contingency plan to prevent further soul stealing.
Apr 21, 2020
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Wow, Microsoft will help develop next Diablo 4? I can't believe that! I sill remember Blizzard making Starcraft I and II, Hopefully Microsoft will make Activision/Blizzard to be a better place for women.


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