Mass effect remastered, I'm psyched

I just read about the upgrade/updated game coming this spring and boy does it sound like i will be buying this one earlier than i thought. I typically wait on games to drop in price, but i dunno if i wanna hold off a whole year. The updates to 1 i think will really make this for me as i absolutely hate ME1. The inventory, the weapon systems, the useless skills, the loot system, and to top it off the worst vehicle that you are forced to drive for hours on end. 5-10 mins of torture every time you wanna do a mission.

The upgraded character creator sounds awesome too, as does integrating the entire thing into a single launcher, system. I am so jealous that this won't be my first ME experience. The next gen of gamers is getting an incredible game. Man a new X-box+ ME:L would be a great intro to gaming. :) But my comp will run this just fine, and i can't wait to play it again. Now i just have to decide, fem shep Biotic renegade or Male shep sniper, Hmm decisions.

BTW, I'm annoyed that the person that wrote the article ended it with, He went on an on about rocks.. Well, what did he say about them! Rocks on the planets is one of the worst things about ME1, the terrain was horrible in that game. I wanna know what he said, and see some screenies. You dropped the ball on that one.
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I didn't get on with Mass Effect 1 AT ALL back when it was released I found it extremely tedious. I tried to get into it multiple times, but just never could. That was a long time ago, and my gaming tastes have definitely changed since then, so I am willing to give this yet another chance and see how I get on.
Mass Effect is probably the biggest game rated a classic I never played, and I've been meaning to go back to it so this is good news for me. I did finish Mass Effect 2 when it came out, and I can't say the story really got me. Mostly what I remember is scanning planets for materials.

I'll be very interested to return to the trilogy from the beginning and see if it was just the lack of context I had when coming cold into 2 that didnt let me connect to the characters, I know lots of people rate it as one of the greatest ever.
I was semi-psyched, like Zloth, when I first heard about the remaster. But after reading about the changes in todays PCG article, and watching the trailer, I've gone from semi to full-psyched.

I just replayed the ME1-3 Trilogy this past summer (currently on ME:A), modded from the Nexus with ME3Tweaks Mod Manager & the ALOT Installer for 4k textures and cut scenes/videos, and I was wondered how they could create an experience better than that. But I think they have, from what I've scene and read.

Having all 3 games in one package, with all DLC,, a unified character creation screen thru all 3 games, and the graphical and lighting improvements have sold me.

I have literally hundreds of hours in these 3 games over the years since the release of ME1, and to me, it's the greatest trilogy ever created by a studio.
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I'm semi-psyched. I'm looking forward to playing the DLC (I missed nearly all of it) but the story for the game was pretty memorable so I'm worried I won't have that much fun with the main game.

Lair of the Shadow Broker for ME2, or The Citadel for ME3 are 2 of the best DLCs ever made, at least in my opinion. LotSB brings back Liara to ME2 on a great quest, especially nice if she's your LI. The Citadel is the true ending of ME3, for me, as it gives you one last adventure with all your companions involved, and then an awesome party to celebrate at the end.
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@JCgames I'm excited to pick it up and try with a new coat of paint. I missed out on the first one for various reasons, and grabbed the second one on PS3 at the time it came out.

I remember it had a mulitiple choice kind of thing at the beginning to set up the story, but without any context or attachment to the characters or events it was difficult to feel like any of it mattered. That feeling carried on through and I just kind of enjoyed it as a decent shooter/RPG hybrid without really being that interested in the universe surrounding it. At least I rememeber very little specific now, it was 10 years ago.
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