Feb 15, 2020
Welcome everyone! Here we can discuss all things MTG. There are many ways to play Magic and in a few formats as well. There is of course Paper Magic which started in the mid-nineties. As time went on and technology advanced so did Magic with Magic: The Gathering Online. And most recently Magic Arena was released. Each has their strengths and their flaws that are found in unique ways for each person.

Here on PC Gamer we can reach out to one another in ways you may not be able to through the avenues MTG provides. I found that when I started my Online accounts for both MTGO and Arena there wasn’t much way to converse with people, only bots seemed to be present unless you start a match with someone. Of course, if you’re a Paper player you most likely have people in real life to converse and play with but here on PC Gamer we can all discuss with one another throughout the world thanks to the Web.

So let’s discuss!

What’s your preferred way to play? Is it Paper, MTGO, Arena? How long have you been playing Magic? What’s your favorite color/color combo to use? Those are just some of the questions you may ask or answer. Remember, keep it clean and civil and carry on...


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Nov 25, 2019
We get together to play every couple of weeks as part of our tabletop gaming cycle (DnD, Arkham Card Game, Magic, Misc).

We typically play a big round of Commander and it's always a blast. I can't put more time into it unfortunately, made a decision to streamline my hobbies this year an it's working out quite well.

I love Arena though, if I ever have a need to get on a big Magic kick for a while I'll drop a few hours there.

Mono White 4 Life. (Except when it's red/white)
Feb 15, 2020
I played Paper back in the day when Magic first arrived on the scene. I had quite the collection. After a couple of years I lost interest in Magic and donated my cards to a friend who was very grateful to receive.

Fast forward to today and I play MTGO. Its been so long since I played I forgot the rules so I downloaded Arena and learned from the excellent tutorial Arena has. I play Standard as its the only playstyle I know.

Right now I play Mono-White. I like Black as well and when I have more cards I'll create a deck with another color and Blue, the ultimate troll color. :ROFLMAO:
Aug 26, 2021
Been CRAZY addicted to MTGA lately. I originally got together with my buds a few years ago when Shadows Over Innistrad was the new hotness, and we went crazy for it for about two years. People separated and we all dropped it for a while, but I've reconnected with a lot of my friends and Magic has been a huge part of it. I love the game.

When I first got into Arena I used all of my wildcards to build a Mono White weenie deck and that took me riiiiiiiight to the Platinum wall hahaha. Standard 22 JUST rotated, so I'm hoping my Rakdos Sacrifice deck and carry me. Last rotation I was playing Dimir Control, which was awesome - but the games lasted 20 minutes lol.