M&B Bannerlord: Things you want changed or added

1) Get rid of the green X killed X notifications on the screen, or make them smaller, or make them semi transparent, or allow me to disable altogether

2) Add a slider for spending influence to increase loyalty of vassal clans, rather than having to spam the +50 button 100 times when I convince a new clan to switch sides

3) add searchable/sortable skill stats when browsing heroes

Those are my earliest wants. Anyone else?
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May 2, 2020
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I wish there was some way of creating a plan before sieges. Like, tell archers to find cover and hold there until you give some form of "proceed to next phase" order while the heavy infantry rushes the gate to bash it down. As of now, the gatehouses don't really get used by the AI because ladders are there by default.


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