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Mar 9, 2022
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alright so my friend got a macbook and we wanna find a fun coop game that we can play together her MacBook is not the best so we don't want any hardware demanding games just things that any pc/laptop can run like stardew valley but she doesn't like stardew valley so yea suggest games please and thanks :D

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I know some good co-op games, though you'll have to check yourself about specs and whether it works over in the Apple forest...

Divinity: Original Sin and Original Sin 2. The second is regarded as the better game and you don't need to play the first to play the second.

The Borderlands games, if you're into "looter shooters."

Factorio can be played co-op

LEGO Star Wars, maybe?

P.S. LOTS of Star Wars stuff on sale right now because of May the 4th
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Satisfactory is pretty easy on the system, but she'd have to install Windows or use GeforeNow.

The Farming Simulator games are fun in co-op and support Mac and are easy on the hardware.

Battleblock Theater supports mac.

The original Dying Light is a great game. It getting old at this point, so I'm guessing it will run okay on her hardware.

Then you have Terraria and Minecraft.
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I played it on my own but, someone told me it was really good co-op ages ago. Does it only work locally?
Whoa. I just looked it up. Originally, it was only single-player, and the whole gimmick is trying to control two characters by yourself. But I just saw that when they brought it to the Switch, they added co-op. I had no idea. I can't tell for sure, but it looks like the Switch version may be the only way to play it co-op. If I'm wrong about that, someone correct me.

My opinion is that it would make the game too easy to play it that way. But even so, it really might be a lot of fun playing co-op. It's a really great game.
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