Low-profile graphics card for Quake Champions?

Mar 20, 2020
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Getting a good deal on an HP Elitedesk 800 and it looks like it's going to come with an on-board Intel HD 530, which is the minimum required for Quake Champions.

The card would have to be low-profile.

Minimum Graphics: AMD R7 240 GB / Nvidia GT 730 2GB / Intel HD 530
Recommended Graphics: AMD R9 290 4GB / Nvidia GTX 770 4GB

I'll be playing on Steam, if that matters.

Any recommendations? Thanks.
Gotta ask the obvious, you're sure which of the 3 Elitedesk versions it is? As one has normal PCIe slots, one has none at all, and the other is half length as you say. :)

I think the most powerful low profile GPUs you can get are GTX 1650s, e.g.

No PCIe connector on the GPU. The system if it's the SFF 8th Gen version allegedly has a 250W PSU which is probably going to be fine. Although if it's the 8th Gen version it would have 630, not 530 graphics.

A GTX 1650 will be your best option for a low profile card, just be sure you know what you're buying and what's inside it. if you are, great!


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