Question Loud old laptop HP AMD A8 Pavilion.

Feb 11, 2022
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Hi everyone,
Sorry If my english is rusty, but I'm looking for a solution.
I have an old laptop, like around 8y old,
One time I've been forced to go to (pc/laptop/mac) specialist, so he fixed my old hard drive, whiped out all my old data, and made it like brand new.
It was after 6y now, and after 2 more years...
Suddenly, from one day to another, a fan started to go crazy, and it went even louder when I opened a browser.
That didn't happened before, like I said, It was sudden change.
So I checked everything, I didn't download anything in last 2 weeks, so I started to worry, I'm not sure If I should reinstall windows and delete all my files, or is there another way to solve that issue.
I will clean inside of that laptop anyway but I'm curious, what could cuz that. And what happened over night,
So I'm not the one who messed up, I love my laptop, It was first thing in my adult life, that I paid some good money for, and its backfired on me.
With radeon, as a best graphic card for the laptop, and it was in 2015/2014,
so he is old, but still, Me and him won't give up until it's end.
Please, If someone have/had similar problem, or can help me with that issue, it would be more than help, he is part of me and I don't want to loose him.
Also when I play League of Legends, with a good ping 60-80, and fps 30-40 (yea I know but he is old, and radeon u know), always was smooth, now I have slow motion, kind of lag situation, mostly in battle with more players, bigger delay, also he "make it slow" from time to time" in game without any bigger action on screen.
It's like procesor or memory was on high usage.
If someone can help me, then please do. I'm scared that my laptop is on his elder years, and he will die soon, but if it can be a virus or update that is to much for that hardware, then I wish to know.
I don't want to restart all my data and start from day one,. Even If I can copy all my files, most important is to me, to find the problem, and solve it out.
Even If it won't help me, It can always help someone else.
Please, go easy on me, I have bad time now, and I'm a bit drunk, that's why I'm writing so much, plz help.
Thank you all.
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what happened over night
Window's monthly update came out this week, from Tuesday on. If you made a system disk image beforehand, restore it and see if that fixes it.

It's an old laptop, and is due to fail anytime now. Make sure you have a backup copy of your personal data.

Beyond that, the experts here will need some basic info about your laptop to help you. Make, model, OS, etc—see here: