Looking to add additional ram to my Aorus Z390 Pro Wifi computer with an 19-9900 chip

Dec 19, 2021
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Currently have 2x8mb of Geil Evo Potenza. PC4-24000 CL18-20-20-38. Keeping a lot of programs open and running a drawing program that uses a lot of single thread memory. Debating if I need an additional 16 or 32 gb of memory. Also not sure what memory I can add that will function with the existing. Thoughts?

What programs are you using? As a gaming forum its possible you would be better off asking at a more hardware orientated forum, or a forum specific for the software in question.

As general advice I would suggest you sell your current RAM kit and buy a matched set of 32/64 GB whatever you decide.

Mismatching and mixing RAM kits can cause weird issues with stability. I've seen many people come to forums with intermittent hangs and freezes amongst other strange issues that were solved by changing to a matched RAM kit or a kit on the motherboard QVL.

Its not always a problem but if its a work machine you probably dont want to take that risk.
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