Look what happened to my baby boy! (Thread on Live Service Games)

Do you play "Live Service" Games? (KOTOR, Warframe, Destiny 2, Star Trek Online etc.) And if you do...why?

Mr. Brown here absolutely went savage on my baby boy! (Destiny 2) Hes right though. Live Service games like destiny are terrible for beginner players. With that being said, Destiny 2 is my live service game and with a new expansion coming and with lost ark coming along with school work and family, Fraser is right, who needs sleep?
The only live service I've played for a considerable amount of time as far as I remember was Hearthstone and only to get enough gold to unlock the single-player adventures. I haven't seen a game where the daily or weekly objectives actually add any fun to the game, but the game is typically balanced around the idea that players will do them, therefore not doing them makes for a worse experience.
PUBG and Warzone for me right now. Mainly because of my nephews also playing them and because it can be quite fun. We like to do all sorts of challenges while paying, like two days ago when we decided to do a pistol-only challenge in PUBG and ended up winning against two kitted guys.
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Yea, games that have daily and weekly objectives that change, new content peppered throughout a month or so, also weekly maintenance and "resets", things like that i believe.
Oh! Well, if the content looks interesting and isn't multi-player then I might do it. I think Assassin's Creed: Odyssey had some I thought would be interesting - but weren't, so I stopped doing them pretty quick. They were adding special new missions to the game when I was playing that were good, but I think those were quarterly? Maybe monthly? Definitely not weekly.


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