Legion Tower 5 gets D3D11-compatible GPU message

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Jan 12, 2023
I can post a picture of the back if that would be helpful. I don't see how I can on here though. The only option I see is to insert a URL. (Again see above - I'm an idiot).

Hello again!

Unfortunate update:

So I keep having this repeated issue even after fixing it! Since 9AM today until 4:30 PM today I had to update the driver 3X.

The same stupid D3D11 message kept popping up. I looked in Device Manager and each time the graphics card was disabled. It gave me Code 22. I enabled the device each time and then the Device Manager gave me a message saying, "this device is still not working properly". I would then go on to AMD's website to download the driver for the AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT card. Then, poof it works again for a few hours.

My son has reported this D3D11 message today has popped up while either playing a game on STEAM, Roblox, and even when on YouTube with no games playing in the background. I am a loser, and have him collecting data on a paper recording what application he was using when this message occurs.

Any further insight? I'm also contacting the AMD manufacturer for further assistance.

I don't know why it is magically being disabled for no reason. There have been no Windows updates or any other changes that may be the obvious culprit.

Thank you for your generous help!
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