Laptop hardware

Oct 2, 2023
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@Colif cant reply to you if i cant resolve that thing with the dynamic refresh rate should i consider to change it with the amd version from this post?

Alao i have talked with intel support to open a remote session maybe we can do something.
What laptop do you think will be better?

13500h rtx 3050 6gb 16gb ddr5 512 ssd

7840hs 780m (integrated gpu) 32gb ddr5 and 1tb ssd
Don't get carried away by AMD's hype. In benchmarks, the rtx 3050 is far better than the 780m

Here's one, but there are plenty of others

But I'm assuming this is for gaming?
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Link to other thread I was helping them with

Uses on other laptop were Autocad & Mathcad, not sure about gaming. They can tell you.
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