keyboard setup for shooters (halo/battlefield)


I am trying to get better at keyboard and mouse gaming, I like to think (I know) I am so much better than using the controller for xbox, but my left had on the keyboard doesnt feel right.

I am autistic and find fine motor skills hard, and trying to get things setup on my mouse and try to keep the games simple on the keyboard. I use the Logitech k360 as I can't get my had used to the mechanic ones.

How do you have your setup, maybe I can copy what you have and see if that helps or not... is there any advise?

I am really tempted to play games that are open world like assassins creed, far cry... etc is learning again new keyboard skills hard on this? again what are your setups?
I would actually recommend just sticking to controller for Assassins Creed.

For learning to use keyboard the Fry Cry games aren't a bad choice since the open world lets you go at your own pace. You could also buy one of the old Call of Duty games and just play the campaign on the easiest setting. The COD games do a good job telegraphing prompts and telling you what key you need to hit for it's special events, and the standard gameplay is all movement and shooting.

The normal setup for playing on a keyboard is to us WASD for movement (W= Forward, A = Left, S = Back, D = right) however for some people that feels unnatural. An alternative is to use ASDF (A = Left, S = Back, D = Forward, F = Right). This can be more comfortable since it lets your rest your fingers all in a row, just like you would if you were going to type.

If you are more comfortable controlling more with your right hand you can also get a multi button mouse like a Razer Naga, and bind movement keys to that which you can control with your thumb.

Looking at your keyboard right now it looks like it mimics a laptop design. I generally dislike that style for gaming. If you do not like the feel of a mechanical keyboard, you can always get a traditional membrane keyboard. As a bonus they are less expensive.

What kind of difficulty do you have with your keyboard? If it feels uncomfortable to use, you could also look at ergonomic keyboards which have curves that more naturally fit the shape of your hands

Personally, I use a ROG Strix Scope TKL Mechanical Keyboard and a Razer Viper mouse.
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If you have a choice of KBs, a programmable one with profiles might help you.

Programmable means you can assign macros—sequences of actions—to shortcut keys. Eg I have a Roccat Isku from a few years ago which has 8 extra keys, and allows another 20 by using the Caps Lock key with the 20 left-most keys—1-5 … Z-B.

Profiles means you can save a number of different setups and switch between them by pressing one button. My Isku allows 5 profiles, altho I only use the default one. But I could have different setups saved for say 5 different games.

The Isku was around $60 when I bought it, but seems to be discontinued. I imagine there are plenty more KBs these days with similar or better functionality.


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...but my left had on the keyboard doesnt feel right.
Well of course not, it's your left hand! You right hand feels right, your left hand feels left, right? ;)

I haven't done anything in particular. Many games use WASD keys for movement now but, back in the 90's, it was often IJKM. I remember switching from one to the other took some time and was really frustrating. (Well, mostly frustrating - it was kinda funny sometimes.)
You might also want to consider options beyond a 'normal' keyboard.

Vertical Keyboard

Those are just first examples I saw, I haven't used or read about any of them so not recommending those specific products.
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I think its more of the fact that the keys have different function for each game.

Its all about muscle memory, and I have been playing halo (I rarely play multiplayer) and I seem do be doing well (again only on easy - not confident playing harder campaigns yet. (I wasn't on controller).

I have wanted to complete the latest 3 battlefield games, and halo 5, but switching between them feel and require different key programmed.

Is there away I can program all of my keys to be the same on every game...?

EDIT, can you make battlefield vehicle drive the way the mouse goes, something like halo would be great.
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Is there away I can program all of my keys to be the same on every game...?
I'm not familiar with your games, but you can very likely do what you want.

It depends on each game, what options the makers give you. Look in the Options at the Keyboard & Mouse section. It should list all the actions with the corresponding key for each. It's usually just a case of click on the assigned key and type a new key for the action. Fyi this is called "keybinding".

can you make battlefield vehicle drive the way the mouse goes
In the same place, there should be a 'Driving' or 'Vehicle' section where you can change the keybindings.
Okay, I can't get used to this driving in battlefield hardline (still on first mission)

I know I can bind the keys for each game, but say I download halo 2 and have keys bind to how I like to play, then I download battlefield 4 and the keys are different. Each game I download all first person shooters, I will need to rebind each key again. I didn't know If there was away to somehow automatically bind each key to the way I play.

Knowing my luck, no... lol