Key not working

Jun 25, 2023
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Welcome to the forum :)

How old is KB, has it got a lot of use? They do eventually wear out.

What make/model is the KB? Some of our experts should be able to recommend some maintenance activities once you tell us what you got—with luck, it'll be a simple solution.
Thanks for welcoming!!Well I got the keyboard for almost a year tbh but I use it pretty much everyday expect summer,eastern and christmas...the model of the KB is Motospeed CK108 with Black switch...the main problem is I move forward in game and pretty much glitches,either when I press it reapetedly or periodically...Ive already run any troubleshooting my Windows offer

Thanks for replying btw!
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A year old should be fine, my KB is 5-6 yo and still going strong with a lot of daily use :)

Here's a good YT review of a blue switch model. I have the video set to start at the part where he removes a keycap, which I suggest you try—ie remove the W key, clean out any grit & grime under or in the keycap and switch, and put it back on again.

I don't know anything about switches, so hopefully someone else will comment about lubricating or otherwise freeing up its action, if basic cleaning doesn't solve it.


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