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There is no way this is a mid-size game from a business context. It's been in the Steam top 20 (and sometimes in the top 5) for months, and it's not even releasing for another month and a half. I suspect that by the time it launches, like Cyberpunk 2077, it will have already sold millions of copies on just that one platform.
Oh I agree from a sales POV, should be very big initially. But will more people be willing to refund, after the Cyberpunk experience—I've seen 2m units and $50m revenue as refund figures, latter more credible as from CDPR earnings report.

But from a business POV, CDPR lost ~90% of its stock value after Cyberpunk launch. Starfield could be a huge success or a major disaster, or anywhere in between.

How often do you see a major game released almost a month early?
About as often as a major game being ready a month ahead of schedule? I hope this isn't a cynical move to protect revenue.
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