It's a silly question...

Aug 30, 2021
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It's a silly question.

This Monday I received the ACER NITRO 5 laptop with the 4600h processor and on the internet I have seen that its socket is FP6 and I understand that in the "CPUID Z" program If you get "LGA" it is that it can be changed but on the internet I get that this processor is "FP6"

Can this processor be updated or changed in the future?
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The sources I can find online say that its soldered. Even if it wasn't, the cooling solution in the laptop is based around that CPU being under 45W TDP, and future processors that might be a more significant upgrade will use a different socket altogether and be incompatible anyway.

Not completely up with laptop parts though so might be wrong in some way.

Not really a silly question :)


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