Is Naraka Bladepoint Pay To Win?


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According to the pre-order FAQ on Steam, no. I'm loving the look of Naraka though.

Q: What will be the business model for NARAKA: BLADEPOINT?

A: NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is a Buy To Play game featuring Unchained Multiplayer Combat. Players will need to purchase the game in order to have access to the provided content. Additionally, the game will also include purchasable cosmetic items like skins, battle passes, name-change cards, and other upcoming DLC. However, the in-game purchases will NOT affect the power of in-game characters. (i.e. there is no Pay-to-Win)
Nov 11, 2021
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It seems to me that no, but the developers can still change everything... The game isn`t more than half a year old, but it became very popular. I really liked the graphics when the first releases came out - high quality and attention to details. Started to play it - the game is quite difficult, it`s clear that the royal martial arts battle can`t be mastered in one study session, but it takes plenty of time. In general, you can use hacks with this game, to fully understand just visit site. They worked fine with my other games as well.
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I would advise you ask on the game-specific forums and players to provide examples, or look up some images of the cash shop and have someone explain the effects. No game's going to say they're pay-to-win so the only way to find out is to judge for yourself.

But what is "pay-to-win?" I personally consider World of Warcraft expansions "P2W" in that a higher level character will (or would; not sure how levelling works in the game today) beat a lower level player from a previous, unpurchased expansion in Player versus Player combat (such as duels). Their prize is inconsequential, I grant you, but they have still won. I think that's ultimately what people mean by 'win': the magnitude of the victory one has paid for, as the advantage may already be a given.

And that's what I encourage people ask themselves when considering if something is or is not pay-to-win: what are you winning? The fastest means to get all mounts? The quickest way to get something that exists in game? A World First raid clear? PvP titles?
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