Ippon pc case quality

Jun 4, 2020
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Damn, I think that this is the first time in my life that I searched for a computer case on the web
and I found literally 0 information about it (besides some pictures and a short review in Hebrew).
Has anyone ever heard about this company?

The specific model that I'm talking about is the -
Ippon case THOR 4X Tempered glass 4X 120 Ring RGB fans

The only thing that I know as for now is that this case is made of tempered glass and it has 4 built in RGB fans (LOL)
It costs 107$ in my country (Israel)

That's how it looks like -

Thanks in advance!
Never heard of it.

Maybe Ippon are a very small brand specific to Israel. It's also possible that the case is made by another company and rebranded / sold under the name Ippon locally. Companies like Solleron make cases that some UK system builders use under different names (I looked at the Solleron website in case and didn't see anything). ID Cooling do the same for CPU cooling.

Looking at the case, I would suggest avoiding it. The front looks very closed up and so would not be very good for airflow. Depending on local pricing, a Corsair 220T Airflow, a 465x, 460x, 570x etc might be better options, with better airflow and a similar aesthetic.