I'm trying to make a dual monitor setup

Jun 4, 2020
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You can buy a HDMI to DVI-d cable if there are limitations on ports by the way :)
Couple of adapters to help the scenario - doesn't mean it will deliver the performance - adapters always lower performance as much as they help you achieve one goal :)
I mainly use my second monitor for browsing whilst watching a film etc. I don't dual monitor for games but triple monitor setups look like a good way of adding immersion to racing games and shooters. Though ultra wides are getting more available these days. Not sure which I'd prefer. I think you get more screen real estate on a triple monitor.
May 31, 2020
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For me: 1 monitor to play games, 2nd one for Discord or browsing.

In some games I use the second monitor for watching movie if the game allows it (eg relaxing games where I don't need a 100% focus).
It makes such a difference when you can game on one monitor and browse on the other. Even when I'm not gaming I'll usually have Youtube/Netflix etc open on one monitor and browse on the other.

My setup right now is 4 monitors! Although 2 of them are strictly work related. For productivity 2 monitors are my absolute minimum.