Im gonna buy this, what do you think? Should i need to change something?

Sep 21, 2023
CASE: Aerocool Cylon White
MoBo: B660M Msi Pro
CPU: Intel i3-13100f
GPU: Rx6700 xt
RAM: Silicon power 16gb kit 3200mhz 16cl
SSD: Samsung 970Evo 1tb
PSU: Fsp hydro k pro 750w
Price is: 730$ cause this is serbian market
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No idea on the Serbian market, as a lot about how good parts are is to do with what else you can get for the same price. So general comments:

I'd rather get a case with a mesh front, allows more airflow to keep everything cooler. That way it lasts longer and performs better.

Motherboard and CPU are fine, a good budget option. Would be better to go for something 6 core but obviously thats more money.

6700XT is just about the best value GPU around at the moment in most places.

SSD is fine, there are often cheaper options than Samsung for the same price that are just as good or better. Tend to pay for the name. Having said that the 970 EVO's are older and sometimes priced quite cheap.

PSU is at least a modern design it seems, rather have a Corsair CX or something I could find a good professional review of. Otherwise it will all work together at least
Thanks a lot for comment. Can you myb give me another one case from this website :)
I will apprecient that! Thanks