If you would be able to combine two games, what games it would be?


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Favored ingredients
  • Witcher 3 for awesome story & side quests
  • Tower of Time for scalable time factor (beats real time with pause, IMHO)
  • Echo for dynamic AI that learns from you.
  • Sacrifice or Dragon's Dogma for epic spells
So let's put them to work....

Witcher 3 + Tower of Time = epic RPG with superbly told stories but, instead of being straight up action combat, the combat lets you make time go slower/faster via the mouse wheel. The ability to do more per second means the protagonist can have more complex abilities and options.

Echo + Sacrifice = strategy game where your nation takes on a numerous but unsophisticated horde being controlled by some big bad. Your nations has quite a few big, devastating spells which, luckily, weren't used in the first battle. Instead, the enemies were chopped up with with the militia's swords and a lazy wizard's magic missile spells. The next time the horde came knocking, many of them were using magic missiles and they all showed quite a bit more sophistication with swords than they had earlier. Turns out, this big bad is able to watch your battles and learn from what you do. (Might need to limit it so it only remembers the last 6 you used or some such, which is what Echo did.)

Combine all four and.... nah, best not to even dream about such a thing!


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Escape from Tarkov and Dino Crisis. Basically instead of doing raids in a soviet wasteland you'd be doing it an abandoned lab or amusement park / dinosaur preserve. You would compete with other PMCs for loot but instead of there being Scavs in the raid there are velociraptors and other dinos prowling around.
Aug 10, 2021
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im a huge sega saturn fan so for me itd have to be the ultimate classic-panzer dragoon saga respectfuly remade and slightly upgraded for the PC (the developers who had worked for team andromeda say they no longer have any original code for the game so itd need to be totaly remade from start) so get some ex TA developers to work with hideo kojima,add some first person shooter and stealth elements to it,hideo can also enrich the story,the dragons and the in game video.
itd be stunning but very adaptive for most gaming PC/ laptop setups.
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Mega Man + Arkanoid. You use the "paddle" as Mega Man and every map will have a boss color brick scheme and ability and some mixed with several. Instead of getting the bosses' skills, you will get them as powerups which makes each map different and also challenging.
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